Our employees are interesting personalities with diverse views. However we respect and have understanding for one another. We appreciate individuality but at work we are a team; our law office supports different forms of integration: common yoga classes, ski trips, bowling, canoes or learning foreign languages together.

We know the importance of constant enhancement of knowledge and experience. We created a workplace which allows continuous personal growth of our employees, their professional improvement and opportunities to present expertise not only in domestic but also in international environment. Thanks to investment in development of our team members, we are able to meet clients’ expectations when it comes to legal and business assistance in timely and accurate manner, often in innovative form.

We are 30 years old! Click here to watch the film.

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Nowadays, respect for other people means also respecting the natural environment, of which we are part. By respecting each other, our customers, adversaries in the court proceedings, and competitors, we also ensure that we are all able to live in a sustainable natural environment.


Transparency in business to us means straightforward cooperation rules, proceedings chances assessed in a fair manner, and clear relations with all stakeholders. Only transparent cooperation allows us for creating a long-term, valuable business relations, to which we are committed.


We are all part of a community: a family, a company, or an international business community. But achieving specific aims together is not possible without a reciprocal trust. That is why, we constantly work on building trust among one another and in relations with our customers.


We believe that harmony as well as friendly and fair working conditions which we create for our employees serve not only to improve their quality of life but also to benefit our customers’ interests. This way, they acquire the best possible legal assistance in accordance with the above values of our law office.


We are different. Each one of us performs a different role and has different interests. Oftentimes, we differ also when it comes to our worldview. Yes, we are different, but at the same time equal. We all deserve equal respect and equal treatment. Irrespective of one’s position in the company, religion, sex, or sexual identity.

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