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Shelf Companies & SPV - Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office


Our services concerning establishment of new companies or assistance in purchase of a shelf company can save you money and a lot of time during the start-up process of your business in Poland. 

If you wish to enter the Polish market, we can offer you:

  1. establishing a new company or
  2. legal assistance in purchase of a shelf company;

both possibilities are turnkey solutions where you don’t need to visit Poland.

We can also help you create an SPV/SPE company.

Establishing a new company

If you are not under the pressure of time or/and would like your company to have a more developed corporate structure, we can offer you our assistance in establishing a new company in Poland capable of being a fully operational entity (court, tax authorities and statistical office registrations).

Shelf company

A shelf company is ready to use, with no history record. It is duly registered with the court, tax office and statistical office. The shelf company may be operated from the date of signing the shares sale agreement. 

We can also offer you a tailor-made shelf limited liability company (sp. z  o.o.) established via the Internet, esp. having the name and scope of activity which you would like it to have.


If you are interested in entering the Polish market by creating a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV; or SPE – Special Purpose Entity; or FVC - Financial Vehicle Corporation) i.a. due to property investment, securitisation, risk sharing, assets transfer, finance or other reasons, we can provide you competent tax assistance.

Additional services

Our law office provides domiciliation services (temporary address) as well as administration services. We can also arrange accounting and bookkeeping services by our accounting company as well as help the Client set up a bank account. 
Moreover, we can assist you in daily corporate, commercial law and tax law matters as well as liquidate your company in Poland.

Contact us

  • Peter Nielsen & Partners Law Office sp. k.
  • Address:
    Al. Jana Pawła II 27
    00-867 Warszawa, Polska
  • Tel.: +48 22 59 29 000
  • e-mail: office@pnplaw.pl
  • Career:  office@pnplaw.pl